Calgary Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
Joe Seaborne (Master Painter)
Call: (403)714 3612

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Spraying!
  • Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • Pre-cat Lacquer
  • Waterborne Enamels
  • Guaranteed!


High quality kitchen cabinet spraying

High quality cabinet re-finishing starts with attention to detail, proper prep and product knowledge. As a professional painter and cabinet re-finisher I promise to always strive for exellence by giving 100% effort on everything I do from start to finish.

Off-Site Spraying

Off-site spraying makes refinishing cabinet doors easy. At my professional off-site spray shop I can properly prep and spray doors in a controlled dust free environment. Most orders have about a week turn around and can be either picked up or dropped off.

On-Site Spraying

Some features ultimately have to be finished on-site. While spraying on-site I promise to maintain an orderly and clean site by erecting dust barriers, always cleaning up after myself and using only dust free equipment.

Painting Cabinets Is The Affordable Option

Buying new kitchen cabinets can cost tens of thousands of dollars while most existing cabinets are still in good shape and only require minor repairs to bring them up to shape. Most on-site spraying can be finished within three days plus a week turn around for off-site spraying of doors. on average you can expect to save thousands of dollars by having your kitchen cabinets re-finished instead of replaced.